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Workers’ Comp

Workers’ Compensation: Pay-As-You-Go

Workers' CompEmployers are legally required to protect their employees with workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This insurance pays for medical coverage for injuries sustained while on the job, and also provides lost wages in the event the injured employee loses work time because of the injury.

Pay-as-You-Go increases cash flow, reduces the risk of end-of-year audits and penalties. Plus, our pooled rates are up to 28 percent lower than state rates. We know the best carriers through experience.


AdminResources Only Utilizes Top-Rated Carriers with Fully Insured Coverage

We do not participate in questionable self-insurance programs.

Normally, employers are required to pay a certain amount of the anticipated annual premium up front, which negatively affects cash flow. Through arrangements with its partnered insurance carriers, AdminResources’ clients simply pay the portion of the annual premium that’s due for each payroll period. This method improves cashflow and is much more cost effective.

In addition, because AdminResources represents numerous employers, we obtain pooled rates that are often up to 28 percent lower than state rates.


We’re Experts Connected to Experts

One of the most important tasks we do is to match your business or organization with the most appropriate workers’ compensation carrier.

Because of our 30-plus years in the industry, AdminResources has learned which insurance carriers are the most reliable and have developed strong networking arrangements with those carriers.

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