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Unemployment Coverage

Unemployment Coverage: HR-Flex™ Services at Work

If AdminResources becomes your Professional Employer Organization (PEO), one of our primary HR-Flex services is to assume responsibility and liability for payment of your company’s state unemployment taxes. In this capacity, we always strive to streamline your reporting requirements, which vary from state to state.

AdminResources assures the timely payment of unemployment taxes and will always make sure you’re in compliance with complex federal and state unemployment tax laws. Unemployment compensation claims may also be reduced due to our involvement.


How We Manage Unemployment Claims

We need only your employee’s last date of work and reasons for leaving to manage an unemployment insurance claim. The basic steps include:

  • Issuing separation documents
  • Tracking hire dates
  • Researching and confirming wage information
  • Helping you acquire experienced hearing representation in cases of unqualified claims

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