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Automated Timekeeping

Easy to set up and use, this web-based tool is a great resource for any size business and can serve to significantly improve profit margins by reducing labor costs. HourTimer works in sync with our online payroll to manage all aspects of your company’s payroll administration such as paying employee wages and payroll tax calculations, filings and payments.

To use HourTimer, employees and supervisors have separate portals right here on AdminResources.net. They need only enter an assigned ID and a password to use the tool, which can be applied as a simple “in-and-out” timekeeper or configured to handle more complicated time monitoring, such as labor distribution and shift differentials.

Contact us at (800) 753-6939 for more details about HourTimer technology and options. Also, please feel free to take advantage of our 30 day free demo by clicking the button below.

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Advantages of Automated Timekeeping

  • Eliminates the cost of manually calculating company time-card data. The average payroll clerk spends seven minutes per time card each pay period. Based on having 100 time cards, a clerk will spend an estimated 11.67 hours (based on seven minutes per card) calculating wages. Based on an average clerk wage of $15 per hour, a company is losing $175 each pay period by manually processing employee time cards.
  • There’s little or no human error. According to the American Payroll Association, an estimated error rate of up to 8 percent occurs when time cards are manually entered and totaled.
  • Eliminates wasted labor minutes. HourTimer is a more exact method of capturing work time, thus a better record of what actually occurs in the workplace.

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