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HR-Flex™ Customized Services

AdminResources was founded in 1984 by human resource experts with real-world experience in dealing with the overwhelming demands of maintaining a productive workforce. This depth of experience has enabled AdminResources to continue its innovative and leading-edge approach of customizing its services to meet individual client needs. We call it “HR-Flex services,” because they literally flex to meet client requirements.

Because we’re a PEO providing benefits and services to numerous employers – not just yours – we can obtain volume pricing and discounts from providers that are normally reserved for large employers. Having access to our “turnkey” program enables your business to operate more profitably.

Due to our 30-plus years of successfully helping our clients become more profitable, we have developed a network of quality providers (e.g., options for workers’ compensation and group insurance) from which we can draw to meet your company’s specific needs. We are, in fact, a team of “experts connected to experts” – which allows us to develop the best, most cost effective alternatives for your business.


Streamlining the Business of Doing Business

In reality, it takes two businesses to operate one business. The main business is the public business, the one that produces the income. The second business is conducted in private and is the one that enables the main business to exist. This second business is “the business of being in business.” This administrative infrastructure takes time and financial resources to operate: payroll, employee benefits, insurance, safety, taxes, reports, bureaucrats, regulations.

AdminResources can provide you with a turnkey program that operates this second business for you, giving you the freedom to focus your time and energy on activities that produce  income, not paperwork. We work with you to determine the most cost effective solutions for you – no matter the area of management.


Our Services

Payroll Management

  • Online Payroll
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Unemployment Coverage
  • HourTimer

Human Resources

Employee Benefits

  • Insurance Group Coverage (health, dental, vision,)
  • Disability (in addition to Workers’ Compensation)
  • Retirement Plans

Workers’ Comp

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