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Below are some frequently asked questions that we have received related to our HR-Flex™ Services. For more information, call 800-753-6939 and speak with one of our HR professionals.


What is a PEO anyway?

A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization that offers outsourcing services for payroll, workers’ compensation, human resources and employee benefits administration. It is an arrangement in which the client remains the “employer of record” for management and operations, but, as a third-party company, we become the “administrative employer of record.”


How is AdminResources different from many other PEOs out there?

First of all, we have cut the proverbial red tape related to PEO servicing. We don’t require long-term contracts, and no lengthy notice is required if you choose to leave. Also, we’re family-owned and truly do honor the virtues of old-fashioned personal service. If you phone or email us requesting help, you will never get an automated response. You will always reach a real person and receive quality, personal, front-line assistance.

Secondly, we have more than 30 years of experience as a leading PEO. We have strategically put together a team of exceptional HR professionals who bring a tremendous reservoir of expertise to the table. No matter if you choose basic payroll or more complicated PEO services, you will have access to more information and expertise than most other PEOs are capable of providing. We truly do know the ins and outs of HR management and will serve you to the best of our ability.


What does “streamline the business of doing business” mean?

AdminResources helps small and medium-sized businesses to lower costs and improve their productivity by handling payroll, group health, pooled workers compensation and compliance for them. We act as the behind-the-scenes HR/payroll/benefits/compliance department for companies. We will lower your costs and improve your company’s productivity. That’s what we do.


What size company is the best fit for AdminResources’ PEO services?

If you have 2-100 employees, your company should definitely explore our services from both a strategic and economic perspective. Unbundled and fragmented costs and services for human resources, group health, compliance and payroll-related matters tend to be expensive and inefficient. With us as your PEO, you’ll immediately begin to enjoy lower costs and our personal, one-stop service.


How can AdminResources get my medical costs under control?

Small to mid-size companies have very few levers through which to negotiate and manage health costs. Essentially, their options are to either 1) re-design the plan, 2) lower contributions, or 3) reduce coverage. If you need insurance and employee benefits, AdminResources will serve as your “administrative employer of record,” which means your company will benefit from our group insurance “pooled” advantage.


What does HSA mean?

If you have a qualified high deductible plan, you can create a Health Savings Account, or HSA, for your employees. Employees and/or the company may contribute to the account and draw from it to pay for medical related expenses. Employees receive an HSA card (similar to an “ATM” card) that is used when drawing from the account. Because a higher deductible premium is often less expensive, the dollars saved can go directly to employees instead of to a fixed higher premium. HSA accounts are transportable to other company plans.


I got a worker’s compensation audit and had to make a special payment. Why is that?

You were probably audited because Workers Compensation insurers track your payroll and classifications on a fixed-period basis. The audit helps them determine if they over-charged or under-charged you. We help you avoid audits because we have a pooled rate that is up to 28 percent lower than state rates. Additionally, it is paid monthly with no surprises. We call it pay-as-you-go workers compensation.


How do I handle non-exempt and exempt status?

Small to mid-size companies must conform to the Fair Labor Standards Act regarding overtime, exempt status, non-exempt status and hundreds of employment-related laws. We understand that keeping abreast of all compliance issues can be difficult. If you become a client, AdminResources will assign a personal administrator to you who will provide comprehensive answers to any compliance questions as they arise during each year.

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